Ending Sexual Exploitation

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More than 3,100 hotline calls since 2013

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More than 2,700 rescues since 2013

“For once in my life, I see hope for my future. I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t here”

– Former Safe Home Resident


In the city of Atlanta, there are hundreds of women being bought and sold for sex every single night. Having been manipulated into thinking they have no worth, they are victims of sex-trafficking are controlled by feelings of desperation and despair.

With a goal to provide holistic, individualized, and comprehensive care to victims of commercial
 sexual exploitation, Out of Darkness walks with a victim through the entire process of rescue and recovery. Our staff and volunteers offer street and strip club outreach, jail mentoring, a rescue hotline, and safe housing to meet the needs of survivors.

When trying to escape dangerous and dehumanizing circumstances, victims need a trusted support system. The consistent presence of Out of Darkness provides a stable, safe space for victims to seek refuge. We are poised to respond to crisis situations, efficiently coordinate the care needed for stabilization, and make connections to long-term care on behalf of victims.

Please consider giving now to help us reach, rescue and restore these amazing women.