Brace yourself for life-changing impact.


What does it look like to answer Jesus’ call to “go” in today’s world? The Atlanta Dream Center’s short term mission trips are designed to equip missionaries with the skills to lead, empower them to be bold in their faith and establish a culture of missions in their everyday life.

Church groups, campus ministries and small groups come to The Atlanta Dream Center and experience firsthand how to serve others in vulnerable communities, homeless shelters and challenging urban environments while making real, tangible differences in the lives of others.

Team members feed the hungry, give comfort to the exploited, hug children who are in desperate situations, see the miracle of spiritual transformation and watch miracles take place right before their eyes.  Teams leave Atlanta with clarity and direction on not only who God is calling them to be, but what purpose they are called to fulfill.


although these men have few tangible possessions, we know that each has something infinitely more valuable—a name, a story and a future.


“Our trip to the DC really impacted them in positive ways it really ignited in them a fire and a fuel to expand the kingdom here at Tech. They’ve let the Spirit speak into those areas and on the whole have replicated what we did in Atlanta on our own campus here.” – KATIE JABERG

“Because of my trips to the Dream Center I am now pursuing inner city ministry The Dream Center has impacted me a lot and was the start of cultivating and growing the vision God gave me and my heart for those in the inner city.” – POLLY

“Another student, Heather, was also deeply affected during her time at the Dream Center this past spring break. That week really made her come alive tocommunity and following God. She is spiritually different and I would even say looks physically different from the change that has come on her life. She decided to get water baptized on Good Friday to rededicate her life to Christ and mentioned the trip to Atlanta in her testimony. ” – HEATHER

“This week was the first time that many of the students had ever interacted with a homeless person, and the first time they had interacted in a real world type of situation with anyone of the Islamic faith. They talked about how they actually got to experience/use things they talk about in their bible classes.” – TY CANNADY