Atlanta Dream Center

1. Identify and build relationships with victims of commercial sexual exploitation that establish trust, restore self-worth and educate about relevant resources

2. Provide safe places and resources to help victims exit exploitation

3. Provide holistic, individualized, trauma-informed care to victims of commercial sexual exploitation utilizing a team-based approach

4. Connect survivors to long-term recovery and a supportive network of professionals and volunteers


Out of Darkness facilitates a temporary Safe Home for female victims of commercial sexual exploitation that are over the age of 17 focused on stabilization. Residents stay in the Safe Home for 2-4 weeks while attending medical and psychiatric appointments, participating in group therapy and skills-building classes and applying for long-term programs.

​The Safe Home is staffed around the clock by a team of professional case managers, counseling staff, resident assistants and a transitional coordinator. ​The Safe Home is in an undisclosed location and accepts new residents at any time.

New residents often arrive with only the clothes on their backs; so a gift basket with various basic necessities and access to the clothing closet is available for all residents.

Utilizing a team-based approach, staff provide caring support that considers each residents’ unique trauma experience as they go through an initial intake, establish goals and build an Individualized Service Plan.

Practical goals often include court hearings, medical evaluations and procurement of government identification.


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Our Reach

Out of Darkness partners with over 60 long-term programs nationwide to offer each resident multiple program options that can address each individual’s holistic needs. After acceptance to a partnering, long-term program, Out of Darkness financially provides for all program fees and assists the woman in her transition. From 2011 to date, over 1200 women have been served in the Out of Darkness Safe Home.